No matter if it neighs, meows, barks or, or, or ... tuning fork therapy

Every living being has an energy field and thus also energetic issues that can be balanced.

"This is what you shall do; Love the earth and sun and the animals,"
Walt Whitman

From an energetic point of view, our friends, the animals, in particular, relieve us of many issues or reflect them. Just like us, they are accompanied by karmic issues.

The treatment is about working on a topic that would like to show itself and then dissolving it in the course so that the animal becomes balanced.

We start the treatment with a personal interview. This asks what topics the animal brings with it. The current status quo determines the course of treatment.

Customer Voices:
"Since your treatment, Skati has been much more attentive to and better integrated into the herd."

"This morning, Capo didn't come running for the first time since his injury two years ago; you can recognize the proud stallion he was before."


This form of treatment is possible as a remote treatment; all you need is a photo

Energy balance


83, - Euro including preliminary and follow-up discussion