2015 Reiki, according to Dr. Mikao Usui

2015 to date daily meditation

2015 Pendulum with Imke Turau


2015 Holy clouds of smoke with Mary Ruprecht


2015 Communicating with the body with Mary Ruprecht


2015 Affirmations | Prayers


2015 Just be | Shamanic training with Josefine Pfeifhofer


2015 Healing stones with Shlomo Kedem

2016 Healer & intuition training with Josefine Pfeifhofer


2016 Plant devas and their messages with Svenja Zuther


2016 Hallow nights and smoking rituals with Dr. Christian Rätsch


2016 Plant mother  tinctures


2016 Bach flowers


2017 Master class with Josefine Pfeifhofer


2017 Transcendental Meditation according to Maharishi Mahesh Yogi


2017 Singing bowls

2017 Shamanic drums


2018 Tuning forks withVerena Tschira

2018 Transfer Factors

2020 Deepening tuning fork therapy with Verena Tschira