Energetic balancing and Reiki

When working with my clients, it is important to me to work on the causes behind the symptoms. As Frank Alper said, “The word healing means providing the body with energy so that it can cure a disorder. The individual must take responsibility for it. "

People come to me who feel energetic, who want to bring body, mind, and soul more into harmony, or who wish to activate their self-healing powers.

It is irrelevant whether the person is on-site at my practice or whether we conduct the conversation over the phone / Skype.

We start the treatment with a personal interview. It asks what needs body, mind, and soul have at the moment. I mainly focus on herbal remedies, natural immune modulators, mineral salts, and vitamins.
It is important to me to bring my clients closer to the essence and healing powers of the individual plants and to strengthen their self-responsibility for their own body, mind and soul.
If you also need the help of another practitioner / specialist, I will point this out to you.

The subsequent energetic treatment takes place while lying down: you lie comfortably covered and warm on my treatment couch. Healing stones in different parts of your body as well as a BioAirspray selected for you support the treatment. I intuitively use singing bowls, tuning forks, other healing stones and incense with different incense. I will see what is suitable for you so that you can regain your strength.
After smoothing out your aura, I put my hands just above and sometimes on different parts of your body. We start in the head area and end at the feet. The length of stay depends on the energetic need. A gentle touch in the shoulder area announces the end of the treatment.

This form of treatment is also possible as a remote treatment.

A special gift lies in the recognition / seeing of karmic issues that show up during the treatment and then are resolved.


Energy balance


179 euros

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